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One day or weekend workshops introducing the principles and practice of Compassionate Communication. 

Based on your own examples we explore how we habitually tend to interpret the world through our thoughts which tend to be critical and judgemental, of ourselves as well as others.  We learn to differentiate our thinking from what really matters to us and how we can connect more readily to this place of values. Using these insights, we practice empathic listening and expression as means of seeing and hearing others and being seen and heard as we would truly wish ourselves to be seen and heard.

The emphasis in all workshops is on practical work in pairs or small groups in a safe and supported environment.

A one day workshop exploring how to manage and channel anger into constructive expression.

Anger is a strong energy but ultimately defensive.  In this workshop, we use practical exercises and real life experience to deepen our understanding of anger.  What actually happens when we get angry?  And why?  What is it that I am really trying to achieve when I get angry?  Why does it feel uncontrollable?  By going into these and other questions, we develop practical means of channelling the energy often expressed as anger into forms of expression more likely to allow us to be heard and to allow what really matters to us to be seen.

A one day workshop on the skills and understandings that support enjoyable and fulfilling relationship.

Relationship can bring great joy and learning into our lives and all relationships may at times experience episodes of friction, misunderstanding, conflict, pain or apparent lack of understanding.  In this workshop, we explore the dynamic of relationship to increase our understanding of what is being expressed in these episodes, and why; and introduce practical exercises that can support different choices and outcomes.

A one day workshop exploring the empowerment of choice and taking control of our lives.

Whatever other people do or say they do or say for a reason which, in their eyes, is as good as any we can adduce for our own behaviours.  Resentment and concern about the words and thoughts of others holds us back from living, sharing and enjoying our lives fully.  In this workshop, we explore the empowerment of choice about our lives and practical means of letting go of resentment, not for any reason to do with another but to liberate ourselves to live our lives as we choose.

A residential workshop for those who have attended Choosing Life or similar workshops. 

This workshop offers an opportunity to live and practice Compassionate Communication over several days spent in a beautiful and secluded venue in Surrey.  Jill and Richard will share practical processes that support a deeper exploration of how we connect with others in life and facilitate the creation of a safe, supportive and inclusive community within which exploration can be nurtured and shared.

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Regular evening meetings to support and re-inforce our learning.

Practice Groups are open to those who have attended one or more of our workshops.  The Groups, meet on Wednesday evenings for five or six weeks at a time and offer a regular opportunity to re-inforce and practice the work we do in our workshops using examples and issues brought by attendees.  The ground we cover is very much determined by participants. As with our workshops, the emphasis is on practical work in pairs or small groups in a safe and supported environment.

Mediation and support for couples and individuals.

We offer mediation and support to couples who wish to explore relationship issues together, and to individuals who simply wish to explore personal issues one-to-one. Whatever the issue, we aim to provide a supportive environment in which everything can be explored in a compassionate manner centred on finding in ourselves a capacity to care.

If you would like to explore the possibilities in confidence, call or email us, in complete confidence, to discuss the possibilities. 

Your own customised workshop.

We can organise workshops for groups of eight up to 30 built around specific days, evenings or weekends. We have found this can be a very productive way of sharing and developing Compassionate Communication skills. Such workshops are customised to fit in with the requirements and interests of the group. If you would like more information about such a workshop please contact us.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any of our courses or if you have any questions.