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What People Say

"The course has enriched my life… I feel more connected - for once its about me and how I communicate with others, its not about wanting to change other people's behaviour towards me"[more]

"I enjoyed sharing experiences, emotions and feeling in a nurturing and encouraging group"

"The course has exceeded my expectations. I feel very happy that we have taken enough time over the material to do it justice"

"I enjoyed the atmosphere created by jill and Richard. I am full of admiration and gratitude that you are offering this teaching here in London"

"It was incredibly useful. The content was engaging and stimulating throughout. The atmosphere was very conducive to learning"

"An excellent weekend!"

"Your welcoming presence and the way you listened seem to embody many of the aspects of compassionate communication that you were asking us to explore"

"The weekend has been deeply inspiring and affirming. To be in a context where people are willing look beyond their defences and share their longings is amazing. It really did reveal, and allow me to connect to, the beauty I suspected is there in everyone." Nichola Motley

"The ability to identify my needs/longings/values in each moment and the practice of giving these to myself will drastically improve my communication.” Cassandra, London

These two days were a beautiful gift to give to myself, to really listen deeply to myself and connect to my heart.” Cassandra, London

“This has really opened my eyes to how I am repeating the same pattern over and over and given me a wonderful sense of hope about how to stop that and communicate with more compassion and thought”

“Thank you so much. I feel this has probably been a life-changing moment”

“For me it was really important that you two were real people and not trying to be perfect. I loved that as a couple you worked together in a brilliant way.”

“I had read Rosenburg’s book but I was struggling to put it into practice. The workshop gave me the opportunity to apply to real life experiences and sharing with others.”

“You guys worked so well together. You’re the sorts of people everyone would want to be friends with.”

"… Jill and Richard create a safe and creative space where I continue to discover the joys of communicating from the heart as well as the risks and challenges that brings …"

"… a really stimulating and insightful opportunity to think and experience more deeply how communication can be more fruitful …"[more]

“… the group provides me with a chance to connect with others who want to explore and deepen their communication ...”[more]

Article by Jane Blackall

"...during the weekend retreat, I was able to connect with a deep sense of compassion for somebody I once felt had ripped the heart right out of me. I feel quite emotional as I write this to you as this has really been so very freeing..."[more]