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About Us

Jill Broadbent
Richard Broadbent

Jill's professional career has been in medical care, Richard's in management but we share a desire to deepen understanding and harmony in relationship.  

We have pursued our interest through various teachings including Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication (NVC).  We have both trained with Marshall, and Jill is a certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (

For the past ten years, we have worked primarily with Robert Gonzales ( sharing his exploration of how, by bringing compassion and understanding to ourselves and others, we can bring new life and meaning to relationships.  We have assisted  Robert on his LIFE Project which aims to articulate the core principles and practices of his work and regularly co-train residential workshops with him in the UK and the US. 

We created the Centre for Compassionate Communication to provide courses and support in Compassionate Communication in the UK.  We offer regular courses ranging from introductory to more intensive practice catering for all levels of experience as well as practice groups and residential workshops to offer support to those who have attended one of our courses.

We attach importance to maintaining a consistent presence over time, with regular follow-up courses and practice groups to support course participants.